Scheerer Oil Well / Drilling Bearing Interchange 10345-RIT

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Rolling mill bearing

Scheerer FAG Torrington National SKF Ideco American Gardener/ Denver Continental/ EMSCO Misc.
10345-RIT 545999 E-1837-B 464778 ADA-16202 7602-0212-78
10431-RT 544000 C-7425-B 464777 ADA-42603 7602-0212-68
10533-RIT 545611 I-2059-B IB-672 ADA-28364 F-200636
10565-RP 549350 N-2653-B ZB-26250 ADD-42605
10643-RT 549351 N-2504-B ZB-28515 ADD-42805 10771-RP
10700-RIT 549993 N-2720-B
10707-RT 544758 E-1769-B 464779 ADA-16223 F-65877
10769-RP N-2915-B ZB-22000 ADD-42205
10787-RIT 544515 I-2139-C IB-676 215-ADA-
10789-RAD 10-6061 G-3020-B AD-4540-D 12-RA-44
10808-RIT 544002 ADA-42007 6397-0267-89
10809-RIT 547424
10865-TBV 114-Z-01
10888-TP N-2165-B ZB-4260
10978-TB 1331-T-1 85-X-04
10992-SE 546597 I-2361-G TB-8029 F-200540
11001-SE 10-6093 E-1788-B AD-4730-D 6397-0267-00 F-201602
11020-RT 544979 C-7424-B 464776 ADA-26334 7602-0212-69
11055-RT 546109 ADA-42601
11098-NNU N-2672-B ZB-7370
11115-RIT C-2313-A
11116-RA 10-6040 E-1713-B 6301-0038-00 BN-
AD-4814-D 6301-0038-00 G-3145-B
11117-RA C-2314-A
11118-RA 10-6092 E-1938-B 7602-0212-91
11125-RA N-2916-B ZB-5620
11126-RA 10-6041 E-1927-B AD-4644-D 7602-0212-90
11143-RT 544759 E-1906-B 6319-0078-00 464774 ADA-42207
11168-RT 539187 G-3075-B 464766 ADA-42002 F-94477
11181-RA 10-6164 IB-678 AD-4630-D F-202675
11182-RA 10-6062 G-2791-B BN-
12-AM-3 F-85928
11185-RIT 544513
11186-RT 543431 G-2792-B 464761 12-W-84 F-87656
11187-RAB 543435 TNU-9238 12-W-60 R-92906
11188-RA 10-6486
ECS-620 ZA-4250
ECS-622 ZA-4251
ECS-629 ZA-4750
HCS-283 ZA-4500
HCS-284 ZA-4501
HCS-285 ZA-4751
HCS-287 ZA-4752
Scheerer FAG Torrington National SKF Ideco American Gardener/ Continental/ Misc.
Denver EMSCO
HCS-295 ZA-5000
HCS-302 ZA-5250
HCS-310 IB-340
HCS-327 ZA-7000
HCS-331 IB-335
HCS-336 IB-320
SCS-162 IB-325
W-230 IB-359
NU-3040-M IB-612 AD-5040
NU-3048-M 240-RU-30 ZB-9449
NU-3052-M 260-RU-30
NU-3056-M 280-RU-30 ZB-11024 IB-612
RT-5044 220-RT-30 ZB-8663
RU-144 220-RU-51 ZB-8665
RU-5130 IB-336
RU-5136 543436 A-5136-WS TNU-05036 12-W-58 7602-0211-09 F-92905
RU-5140 510616 200-RU-91 TNU-05040 AD-5140 7602-0212-88
RU-5144 543433 220-RU-91 TNU-05044 AD-5144 7602-0212-67
RU-5222 A-5222-WS ZB-4336 IB-626
RU-5224 120-RU-92 ZB-4712 E-5224-UMR
RU-5226 549829 130-RU-92 ZB-5124 7602-0210-36 E-5226-UMR
RU-5228 548404 140-RU-92 ZB-5512 7602-0210-37 E-5228-UMR
RU-5230 544516 A-5230-WS ZB-5905 7602-0210-38 E-5230-UMR
RU-5232 549830 160-RU-92 AD-5232-X 7602-0210-39
RU-5238 190-RU-92 E-5238-UMR
RU-5240 548408 IB-616 7602-0210-41 E-5240-UMR
RU-228-106 IB-631
XLBC-3 1/2 IB-728
XLBC-6 IB-539
XLBC- 6 1/2 IB-526
XLBC-7 1/2 IB-527
XLBC-8 IB-731
XLBC-8 1/2 IB-702
XLBC-10 IB-537
TB-8004 542571 I-1962-G 390-65
TB-8007 544555 260-TVL-635 106174 F-660781
TB-8008 252-TVL- 106175 10551-TVL
TB-8009 201-TVL-615 106177 201-X-02
TB-8010 10547-TVL
TB-8011 10552-TVL
TB-8013 IB-429 BT-10001
TB-8014 IB-411 BT-10012
Scheerer FAG Torrington National SKF Ideco American Gardener/ Continental/ Misc.
Denver EMSCO
TB-8015 302-TVL-510 106173 10552-TVL
TB-8016 544551 310-TVL-625 106172 F-660811
TB-8017 10538-TB
TB-8018 544554 202-TVL-620 21-107-039 106176 202-X-04
TB-8019 195-TVL-470 10543-TVL
TB-8020 10544-TVL
TB-8021 10549-TVL
TB-8022 10550-TVL
TB-8024 10557-TVL
TB-8025 309-TVL-707
TB-8026 10542-TVL
TB-8027 10539-A-TB
G-59 IB-439 4456
G-66 IB-444 4463
160-TVB-640 160-TVB-640 IB-593
TP-743 60-TP-124 IB-422
TP-744 IB-447
TP-752 80-TP-135 IB-427
TP-769 200-TP-171 ZB-28005
81292-M IB-446
10356-RIU IB-347 AD-10006-A
11309-RIT 544519 I-2057-B BC- IB-670 ADA-28344 F-200519
11014-RA 10-6162 I-2058-C IB-671 AD-4812-D F-200522

We are a bearing manufacturer , please contact us if you have any needs.

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