Supply Overrunning Alternator Pulleys Bearings

We are CCI Bearings factory, a bearing manufacturer (a bearing exporter, a bearing supplier, a bearing wholesaler), please contact us if you have any needs.

Alternator Decoupler Pulley

Bearing Model

O.E. Nuline
F-225355 OAP070
F-225355.5 OAP070
F-225355.6 OAP070
F-225355.7 OAP070
F-2253553 OAP070
F-225644.4 OAP050
F-225644.5 OAP050
F-225644.6 OAP050
F-225644.7 OAP050
F-225653.10 OAP142
F-225653.11 OAP142
F-225653.3 OAP129
F-225653.4 OAP129
F-225653.5 OAP129
F-225653.6 OAP142
F-225653.7 OAP142
F-225653.8 OAP129
F-225653.9 OAP129
F-225655.10 OAP070
F-225655.4 OAP070
F-226321.4 OAP120
F-226321.5 OAP120
F-226322.04 OAP147
F-226322.05 OAP147
F-226322.06 OAP101
F-226322.07 OAP147
F-226322.08 OAP147
F-226322.09 OAP101
F-226322.10 OAP101
F-226322.11 OAP101
F-226556.04 OAP125
F-226556.05 OAP125
F-226556.06 OAP125
F-226556.07 OAP125
F-226804 OAP082
F-226804.04 OAP082
F-226804.05 OAP082
F-226804.06 OAP082
F-226804.07 OAP082
F-226954.03 OAP114
F-226954.04 OAP114
F-226954.05 OAP114
F-227079.04 OAP053
F-227079.05 OAP053
F-227628.04 OAP022
F-227628.05 OAP022
F-227628.06 OAP022
F-227628.07 OAP022
F-227628.07 OAP022
F-227628.08 OAP022
F-227628.10 OAP022
F-228618 OAP153
F-228618.06 OAP153
F-228618.07 OAP153
F-228618.4 OAP153
F-228618.5 OAP153
F-228824.01 OAP149
F-228824.04 OAP149
F-228824.06 OAP149
F-228824.07 OAP149
F-228824.09 OAP149
F-228824.10 OAP149
F-228824.11 OAP149
F-228881 OAP022
F-228881.02 OAP022
F-228881.03 OAP022
F-229603 OAP033
F-229603.02 OAP033
F-229603.07 OAP038
F-229603.1 OAP033
F-229603.11 OAP033
F-229603.12 OAP038
F-229603.13 OAP038
F-229603.14 OAP033
F-229603.15 OAP033
F-229603.4 OAP033
F-229603.7 OAP038
F-229643 OAP042
F-229643.03 OAP042
F-229643.04 OAP042
F-229643.07 OAP042
F-229643.07 OAP042
F-229643.10 OAP042
F-229974 OAP047
F-229974.03 OAP104
F-229974.04 OAP047
F-229974.05 OAP047
F-230051 OAP107
F-230051.02 OAP107
F-230051.03 OAP107
F-230283.1 OAP135
F-230283.2 OAP135
F-230329.02 OAP031
F-230329.04 OAP031
F-230401 OAP032
F-230401.06 OAP032
F-230401.07 OAP032
F-230401.08 OAP032
F-230401.08 OAP032
F-230401.09 OAP032
F-230401.09 OAP032
F-230566 OAP048
F-230566.01 OAP048
F-230753 OAP098
F-230753.01 OAP098
F-230753.03 OAP098
F-230753.06 OAP098
F-230759 OAP130
F-230759.01 OAP130
F-230759.02 OAP130
F-230825.04 OAP134
F-230825.2 OAP134
F-230825.3 OAP134
F-230846.01 OAP068
F-230846.02 OAP068
F-230846.03 OAP068
F-230866.04 OAP127
F-230866.07 OAP127
F-230866.10 OAP127
F-231108 OAP069
F-231108.02 OAP069
F-231142 OAP076
F-231142.01 OAP076
F-231142.05 OAP076
F-231142.08 OAP076
F-232001.02 OAP039
F-232001.04 OAP039
F-232001.07 OAP039
F-232288 OAP154
F-232288.01 OAP154
F-232288.02 OAP154
F-232288.03 OAP154
F-232369 OAP035
F-232369.04 OAP035
F-232369.05 OAP035
F-232369.2 OAP035
F-232600 OAP104
F-232600.01 OAP104
F-232774 OAP044
F-232774.03 OAP044
F-232774.04 OAP044
F-232774.05 OAP044
F-233197 OAP121
F-233197.01 OAP121
F-233197.02 OAP121
F-233197.03 OAP121
F-233197.04 OAP121
F-233197.05 OAP121
F-233379 OAP116
F-233379.01 OAP116
F-233525 OAP083
F-233525.01 OAP083
F-233525.04 OAP083
F-233591 OAP108
F-233593 OAP152
F-233593.01 OAP152
F-233593.02 OAP152
F-233593.04 OAP152
F-233608 OAP141
F-233608.01 OAP141
F-233608.02 OAP141
F-233608.03 OAP141
F-233834.01 OAP139
F-233834.02 OAP139
F-233970 OAP001
F-233970.02 OAP001
F-233970.03 OAP001
F-233970.04 OAP001
F-234563.02 OAP126
F-234563.04 OAP126
F-234637 OAP046
F-234637.03 OAP046
F-234637.04 OAP046
F-234637.1 OAP046
F-235152 OAP144
F-235152.01 OAP144
F-235152.02 OAP144
F-235152.03 OAP144
F-235152.04 OAP144
F-235449 OAP056
F-235449.02 OAP056
F-235449.03 OAP056
F-235449.04 OAP056
F-235492 OAP128
F-235492.02 OAP128
F-235931 OAP021
F-235968 OAP040
F-235968.01 OAP040
F-235968.08 OAP040
F-235968.09 OAP040
F-236001 OAP024
F-236001.01 OAP024
F-236127 OAP041
F-236127.01 OAP041
F-236127.02 OAP041
F-236127.03 OAP041
F-236528 OAP049
F-236528.01 OAP049
F-236528.03 OAP049
F-236528.04 OAP049
F-236566 OAP048
F-236566.01 OAP048
F-236566.02 OAP048
F-236591 OAP034
F-236591.01 OAP034
F-236591.04 OAP034
F-236591.04 OAP034
F-236591.05 OAP034
F-236591.1 OAP034
F-236672.02 OAP059
F-236675.04 OAP059
F-237401 OAP103
F-237401.01 OAP103
F-237653 OAP043
F-238005 OAP031
F-238005.02 OAP031
F-238005.05 OAP031
F-238120 OAP138
F-238120.01 OAP138
F-238120.02 OAP138
F-238512.02 OAP051
F-238512.03 OAP051
F-238512.05 OAP051
F-238512.06 OAP051
F-238822 OAP057
F-238822.01 OAP057
F-239356 OAP117
F-239356.01 OAP117
F-239808.02 OAP203
F-239808.03 OAP203
F-239808.04 OAP203
F-239808.05 OAP203
F-239912.01 OAP064
F-239912.02 OAP064
F-239912.03 OAP064
F-240113 OAP124
F-240113.01 OAP124
F-240113.03 OAP124
F-240138 OAP150
F-240138.01 OAP150
F-240423 OAP135
F-260866.05 OAP127
F-550181 OAP132
F-550181.03 OAP132
F-550213.02 OAP131
F-550213.06 OAP133
F-550213.09 OAP131
F-551357 OAP150
F-551357.01 OAP150
F-551359 OAP139
F-551406.01 OAP023
F-551406.02 OAP023
F-552562 OAP011
F-552699 OAP142
F-552699.02 OAP142
F-552901.02 OAP052
F-554053.01 OAP075
F-554053.02 OAP075
F-554765.03 OAP098
F-556174.01 OAP077
F-556599.01 OAP144
F-561338 OAP050
F-561464 OAP059
F-570680 OAP146
F-570753 OAP145
F-582200 OAP110
WAI Nuline
24-91296 OAP131
24-91297 OAP117
24-91298 OAP150
24-91298-3 OAP150
24-91299 OAP043
24-91303 OAP133
24-91304 OAP023
24-91306 OAP031
24-91307 OAP077
24-91308 OAP116
24-91310-4 OAP116
24-91314-4 OAP090
24-91318 OAP203
24-91322-2 OAP032
24-93250 OAP127
24-93252 OAP057
24-94250 OAP152
24-94251 OAP033
24-94253 OAP046
24-94254 OAP132
24-94255 OAP144
24-94256 OAP042
24-94257 OAP130
24-94259 OAP038
24-94261 OAP034
24-94262 OAP114
24-94265 OAP044
24-94273 OAP052
24-94276 OAP059
24-99250 OAP064
8303N OAP047
8404N OAP103
8436N OAP108
8512N OAP103
8516N OAP047
24-82276-3 OAP107
24-82280 OAP145
24-82294 OAP027
24-82294-4 OAP027
24-82299 OAP075
24-82300 OAP146
24-82302 OAP093
24-82312 OAP110
24-82312-3 OAP110
24-82316 OAP090
24-83275 OAP011
24-83275-1 OAP011
24-83275-4 OAP011
24-83276 OAP024
24-83276 OAP045
24-83277 OAP143
24-83278 OAP085
24-83278-4 OAP085
24-89251 OAP001
24-91103 OAP083
24-91103-3 OAP083
24-91104 OAP032
24-91105 OAP070
24-91106 OAP129
24-91107 OAP082
24-91107-1 OAP082
24-91107-3 OAP082
24-91108 OAP071
24-91253 OAP101
24-91254 OAP050
24-91255 OAP022
24-91256 OAP142
24-91257 OAP125
24-91259 OAP147
24-91260 OAP068
24-91261 OAP053
24-91262 OAP153
24-91263 OAP149
24-91265 OAP121
24-91266 OAP061
24-91266-4 OAP030
24-91272 OAP134
24-91273 OAP120
24-91274 OAP076
24-91277 OAP048
24-91278 OAP035
24-91282 OAP039
24-91284 OAP135
24-91286 OAP139
24-91288 OAP051
24-91289 OAP049
24-91289-3 OAP049
24-91290 OAP056
24-91290-3 OAP056
24-91291 OAP041
24-91292 OAP126
24-91293 OAP040
24-91294 OAP138
13138 OAP009
11115N OAP009
11119N OAP002
11134N OAP022
11136R OAP013
11137N OAP013
11163N OAP002
11189N OAP020
11195N OAP010
11195R OAP010
11196N OAP013
11201N OAP010
11201R OAP010
112382N OAP007
11252R OAP093
11258N OAP067
11302N OAP066
11302R OAP066
11322N OAP013
11343N OAP012
11354R OAP089
11385R OAP009
11386R OAP009
11460R OAP150
12383N OAP007
12384N OAP007
13864R OAP081
13870R OAP009
13871R OAP009
13921N OAP076
13926N OAP107
13939N OAP002
13961N OAP009
13969N OAP081
13996N OAP011
24-1283 OAP098
24-1283-1 OAP098
24-1283-3 OAP098
24-1287 OAP098
24-1289 OAP098
24-2278 OAP108
24-2278-3 OAP108
24-2279 OAP047
24-2279-1 OAP047
24-2279-3 OAP047
24-2280 OAP104
24-2280-1 OAP104
24-2280-3 OAP104
24-2281 OAP103
24-2281-3 OAP103
24-2284 OAP128
24-2286 OAP021
24-2483 OAP141
24-81107 OAP154
24-81110 OAP124
24-82115 OAP137
24-82275 OAP069
24-82275-3 OAP069
24-82276 OAP107

We are CCI Bearings factory, a bearing manufacturer (a bearing exporter, a bearing supplier, a bearing wholesaler), please contact us if you have any needs.

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