Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a common type of bearings and it is used in several industries from heavy machinery to high precision apparatus. This type of bearings consists of four elements that include inner ring, outer ring, cage that holds balls and ball bearings. Because of the flat surface on outer ring and inner ring, Deep Groove Ball Bearings provides a larger area of contact that delivers high performance and high load capacity. Although Deep Groove Ball Bearings come in hundreds of models and sizes with different design and even different material used in inner ring, outer ring and the cage but basically they are categorized in 4 main sections.


Based on different designs, structures and ultimately applications, there are mainly 4 types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings. Let’s see what these deep groove ball bearings do and what the core difference between them is.

Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

In this particular type of Deep Groove Ball Bearings, the cage is made of pressed steel that gives it high load capacity and flexibility at the same time. This is one of the most widely used types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings. This type of bearings is either made with open bearings or they might have steel or rubber shields depending on the requirements of the apparatus. Other materials instead of pressed steel are also used to make the cage.

Extra Small Bearings and Miniature Ball Bearings

As the name suggests, in this type of ball bearings small balls are used as rolling elements and basically we can divide them into two categories that are deep groove and angular contact. Deep Groove Miniature Ball Bearings are further divided into five subcategories that are standard type, flanged outer ring, expanded one ring, thin section and extended inner ring.

Maximum Type Ball Bearings

This type of ball bearings come with a significantly larger number of ball bearings as compared to other type of Deep Groove Ball Bearings and because of high number of ball bearings used in them, this particular type of Deep Groove Ball Bearings delivers high precision and high performance. This type of bearings could be open or shielded depending on the application and requirements. The cages in this type of Deep Groove Ball Bearings are made of pressed steel to deliver high performance and load capacity.


The inner ring of this type of bearings is a little deeper than other types and because of only one shoulder on outer ring, it can be removed for maintenance or mounting. This type of Deep Groove Ball Bearings are well known for delivering high precision and they come in smaller sizes as compared to other types. Some of the main applications of this type of ball bearings are gyroscopes.

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